Our Tasty Eggs

You’ll Love Our Tasty Eggs

Laid with Love, Lutein rich free range eggs. They’re some of the tastiest, healthiest eggs you can enjoy.

That’s because our hens are some of the finest feathered, best cared for birds in the country…. and they are fed on a natural diet.

  • Their naturally enriched GM FREE diet comes from a source we trust. It contains over 70% natural grain. No artificial colourants.
  • The only added extra is a very healthy Marigold extract containing Lutein – which means we get the extra health benefits from our eggs.

Laid with Love – enhanced levels of Lutein

mothers2Lutein is a yellow hued carotenoid. It is a powerful antioxidant occurring naturally in food like kale, spinach, carrots and corn, but the only animal source of Lutein is eggs.

Laid with Love hens are fed extra Lutein in their diet, so there is more Lutein in their eggs. That’s great news for us because it means there are even more anti-oxidants in Laid with Love eggs than there are in standard eggs. You can tell when you have a Lutein rich egg because it will have a very intense yellow yolk and it comes in a Laid with Love egg box! They’re great in cake recipes.

Taste test

We care for our planet, love our hens and include extra Lutein in their diet.  In addition to a glorious yellow yolk it makes us healthier and with the donation to cancer research charities, makes them taste a whole lot better too!

The health benefits suggest….

For years, research has indicated health benefits of Lutein – fighting everything from cancer prevention to eyesight problems and aging.

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A DAILY supplement derived from marigolds is being hailed as a break- through in the fight against Britain’s most common cause of blindness.

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Laid with Love – rich in Lutein the natural anti-oxidant