Our Hens

Their Well-Being is Paramount

The Laid with Love workforce includes some of the best feathered, most cared for and happiest hens in the UK, producing tasty free range eggs.

Our farmers love their hens. They look after their flocks like gold and in turn, their hens produce more tasty, free range eggs than anywhere else in the country:

  • We select producers who run family farms and often benefit from generations of farming livestock.
  • Chicks are locally reared, reducing stress from travel and our carbon footprint too.
  • Our hens are kept in flocks that are free to roam in fields and woodland enriched to improve their natural habitat.
  • They enjoy wandering, dust bathing and sheltering under trees and bushes from sun and rain.
  • Their naturally enhanced diet comes from a source we trust. It contains over 70% natural grain and creates very tasty, healthy eggs.  Our hens get to eat marigold extract which contains lutein as well!
  • All hen house units are naturally ventilated  – our hens love them and we love the reduced energy consumption!
  • Our farms are monitored by RSPCA Assured who check our flocks are healthy and content. Animal Welfare is critical, we set our standards at the highest levels.

Our hens have the highest average egg production/bird in the UK – it reflects the loving care and attention they receive.

Laid with Love  –  produced by a contented workforce.