Davina’s Omelettes on ITV Lorraine

Eggs in an omelette

Youthful You feature on Lorraine focuses on eggs – Davina creates a French Omelette

This morning’s Lorraine show featured Davina McCall – how to make the perfect French Omelette.

Davina said “It’s literally just eggs and herbs” – Davina says three eggs are the trick in an omelette.

“Eggs are an amazing source of protein – a fantastic breakfast to have because there’s no sugar in them, going to keep you fuller for longer and you are not going to be snacking on those unhealthy snacks at 11 am in the morning.

“Look at the colour of the yolks. Since doing this book  (Davina’s Kitchen Favourites), I have learned that eggs contain Selenium, Zinc and Biotin which is amazing as it helps you renew cells. I wouldn’t use them on my face, but eating them is fine!

Just add chives, parsley, tarragon. Delicious, nutritious, and Anti-aging – what’s not to love.

Try adding spinach and hot smoked salmon as a filling.

Watch how to make the perfect omelette (French) here 

Recipe from Davina’s Kitchen Favourites: Amazing sugar-free, no-fuss recipes.

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